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A company that routinely uses infographics is aware of the crucial part that images play in the growth of their company. Here, it becomes clear why it's important to manage the way you keep these photographs. In essence, an image data entry service involves converting a scanned image to the client's preferred format.


When a task is bigger and takes longer than it appears, it is advisable to outsource it to a group of professionals who are skilled at image data entry! When you contract with KindCare Services, you receive a structured system with your photographs taken, saved, and keyed in accordance with your preferences. Large amounts of work are handled by our qualified workforce, which also meets deadlines.

Data Entry, Customer Service, Accounting, Digital Marketing, Payroll, Financial Services, Vendor Management,

​A Sneak Peek at our Image Data Entry Services:

  • Image Keying and Indexing

  • Image Storage and Retrieval

  • Image Entry into a Spreadsheet

  • Image Entry into a Database

  • Image Conversion to Client Specification

  • Scanned images Data Entry

  • Data entry from directories and booklets

  • Catalogue and Legal Document Data Entry

You may be confident that your organisation is working with the greatest service provider possible because the photographs scanned and used for this service are of the highest quality.
We also offer image editing services including image cutting, photo restoration, real estate photo editing, etc. in addition to image data entry services.

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